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Coincidence is Bullshit

It’s been so long since I’ve written on this page I almost forgot that it even existed. October is probably my very favorite month of the year, as I actually think it probably is for most witches. Not quite sure what it is, just a more magical time. The thinning of the veil, the closeness between dimensions, I don’t know maybe it’s just the pretty leaves. Life for me has been real weird, and today was like an odd reflective time for me. Magic, I think, presents itself awkwardly. Or maybe we just choose not to see it all the time when it presents itself. We don’t give it the credit that it deserves. Little facts about me, I pray all the time. Probably more than most people that I’ve ever met, from any religion ever.  I pray, I give blessings, practice in some way almost every day. Very seldom do I ask for things, or call things to myself. Sometimes for others, but not so much for myself.

 The last few months I’ve performed a few rituals in which I asked for things for myself. To break free from some of the financial burdens that I’ve carried, the stress of the world and the weight. I asked to see changes in my physical appearance. To feel better, to regain my power, and my confidence. Low and behold, these things have come to fruition. Yet,  I ddidn’t think or credit magic for them. Like for example, I had done  an abundance spell in regards to money, and a month before that I had done a like a health and wellness spell. To try and lose weight to get rid of the extra weight that I’m carrying. Shortly after that, a friend at work introduced me to a side business a product called It Works.  I thought,  you know fuck it, whatever it’s a hundred bucks. I’ve spent that on Mexican food, and gave it a shot.  I’m down almost 40 pounds now, and I make an extra $600 a month with this little side gig. Not only did I change my physical appearance and improve my health, but I’m able to pay all of my bills. (Still tight, but pay my bills and not getting anymore shut off notices) My request was granted. At the time, and even until I don’t know last night, I didn’t think about it in terms of magic. In terms of the goddess granting my request. I accredited it to ItWorks, and I credited it to this product coming into my life. Not the weird coincidence of this product appearing in my life that I had never heard of prior to asking the divine. I asked for help finding my purpose, help finding my direction, and two weeks later I was introduced to a motivational speaker. A wonderful woman who inspired me to use my MBA and start my own consulting business. When I went to her first speech, that I won tickets to, I met and sat next to a woman who will be my first consulting job. A big job, lots of money and great credentials to my name. It wasn’t magic to me, it was a coincidence that I got lucky enough to meet this woman.

 I think many of us discredit our own power and our magic. We view it as coincidence. It’s not coincidence,  you are powerful. There is magic in you. You have the innate ability to speak your future into existence. If you use your energy, and see it for what it is.  Manifest your future, manifest your reality. Be open to seeing these things, be open to trying new things that the Universe presents you with. When you call out, when you request things from the spirit, be on the lookout for weird shit. It’s not going to come- just poof there it is. It may be a new person, a new opportunity, a strange coincidence or happening. That might be how it presents itself. Sit still once in a while and listen to it.

 Sorry, no real  tricks, practicing tools, rituals or anything helpful like that. I’ll try and post something for Samhain, and kind of an altar setup, rituals that I perform. Just something that was in my brain that I needed to get out the other witches.  It’s not like I can just go to work and explain to people that magic brought these great things in my life. 

Bright blessings to all of you my beautiful witches. Keep practicing, and may your magic be blessed. 

Witches don’t take holidays off

This week I put in my days off for Litha (Summer Solstice). I was nervous my boss would ask me what I wanted the time for, or question the mid week date range . Then I just figured I’d tell them I was camping.  For a split second I thought, I will just tell them it’s one of my religious holidays. Then it’s protected, right?

Not a chance,  at least not in my company.  I don’t think I am the only witch who can’t come all the way out of the broom closet. I work in a small tight knit office (15 people maybe), I also work under a deeply devote religious man. The rift this would create would after not too long cost me my job.

Not being able to be fully open and honest in who I am is a constantly struggle.  Having to hide a part off myself I feel so strongly connected to is awful.  Some days it feels like I’m pretending to be someone I’m not.  All over the world, and through the vastness of the interwebs, I’ve read similar sentiment from other witches. Although Wiccan is a recognized religion it still is not a very commonplace or accepted religion. Some days I have a gentle yet tangible shame creep over me that I do not openly proclaim my religion and my higher power. I don’t openly praise the Goddess and aknowledge the gifts I was given.  Other religions display and discuss their faith and savior openly, proudly, and without reservation. It makes me feel like a bad witch, like I don’t love my divine as much since I do not publicly and openly proclaim her.  This reservation though stems from history.  Centuries of oppression, murder, and torture of those who openly celebrated had taught us all to be secluded and covert in our practice.


As a teen I had three other friends interested in learning and practicing with me. I had my own little coven and safe place. People I could talk to about my journey and beliefs.  Once that friend group dissolved I became a solitary witch. Prior to the Internet becoming an everyday constant, finding other witches was not near as easy. You had to be willing to tell people your beliefs and leave yourself open to find one. Risking scrutiny and hatred. People telling me I was going to hell, I was bad, I was evil, witches are name it. I lost friends and family in being open. That can leave you jaded.


Now through the safety and expanse of the internet, we can connect and talk to thousands of like minded beings in safe forums and groups. We can share and pull resources from one another,  and share in private and personal pages freely. It blows me away just how many of us there are. It saddens me that we are so spread out and guarded that we cannot find each other and connect in local communities. That we are still a prosecuted group. We cannot feel safe enough in our jobs and lives to share our faith.


To those that do, thank you. You are paving the way for those of us still scared to be fully ourselves. To those of you seeking others. We are here, we are ready and we accept you.

Knot Spells



I have mentioned sympathetic Magick in other posts but I will talk about it a little bit. Magick is within you, your own energies. It’s not in the candles, stones..etc those energies are enhancements, means to increase your energy and focus. Now, let me say, I use candles, stones, potions..etc but I do not let them hinder my ritual if I don’t have a certain color or item.
This is a great way to channel your energies and Magick that can be done anywhere. Knot work is great when your intent is to stop, bind, or prevent something. Also great when you wish to bring things to you. (Like this handy knot spell from pinterest). I prefer cord or jute some type of more natural material but anything works in truth.

You are Magick…Be Blessed

Religious tolerance is hard

Walking into the Baptist church today, yep that’s right,  felt mildly uncomfortable. I avoid churches and general organized religion. As you may have guessed,  they aren’t my thing.  I walked timidly down the hallway waiting to catch fire, our melt, but nope. I expect it subconciously every time I go to churches, which is pretty regularly. (Why you ask?  -Backstory-)
I have been practicing since before my children were born but normally behind closed doors, or at night, up until the last few years.  I didn’t want to push any beliefs on my children, even my own. 
Around the age of four my son began asking if we could go to the church near our house. At that time I worked weekends so that wasn’t going to work out. He began asking about heaven,  talking about God and inquiring about angels.  Oh goodness. At that moment I had to think real hard about what I told him, and make a choice.  I could teach him the traditions I follow, I could teach him Christianity, or I could hide in my closet until he forgot about the whole Jesus. After I ran out snacks, I realized the closet wasn’t a viable option. 
I grabbed my boy and said let’s talk about your questions about God. (He had tons) I told him that people believe many things but I would help him learn everything. So I did and man oh man…that boy loves him some Jesus! Now when he was a young kid it was trying. A witch teaching bible study time, gospel cds and church when I could facilitate. Then tucking in my little so I could do my own rituals. Wierd. Now I am open with my religion and have taught them and included them when I could. He is still very much a Christian though so it’s interesting.
I am fairly open though now that my children are a little older.  I offer to include them in my rituals and holidays but always allow my son to vary his blessings. He instead days his as a pause to God, my other son calls to Grandfather and the Ancient Ones (his Mamaw worships with Native Americans) and I to my Goddess. We accept that our higher powers have different names. 
So while I may not agree with his “holy book”, I will always encourage my son to be spiritual. I will take him to church and youth group and bible study. I encourage all of my kids to learn everything they can and then they can choose their religion just as I did.

Exploring and coming out

Identifying as a witch,  a believer in Magick and nature worship,  came early and easy for me.  I think I was eight or none the first time I tried (pretended) I was summoning a fire spirit.  The countless games where I was always the sorcerer.  I couldn’t tell you how much was just destined Magick and how much was just wishing to have powers to change my circumstances.  I do know it never went away. In my early teens I researched every religion I could find and felt a pull towards standard Christianity. Not so much the bible but I loved youth group and church.  The high energy,  the singing and dancing,  close group of people and my personal connections and talks wit the Creator. Yet something felt off. At 12 almost 13 I began to study Wiccan and there it was, my fit, my answer.  So many things right in line with what I felt and believed.  A way to use the bottled energy and potential I felt boiling within me for something.  That is all it has been since. Despite my love for my faith,  I was not open with others about it.  I Made me uncomfortable because it made me different and wierd. Not really what you want when you are already an awkward teen.

In my mid twenties I was a practicing witch and although I didn’t really flaunt it, I never hid it either. Now in my 30s I am open about my beliefs and religion and want to give others a safe place to learn and explore with me. I don’t know everything,  no witch does. All of our beliefs are different as it should be. There is no one set way to be a witch. It is about your connection with the Goddess and God or multiple God’s depending on how you believe.  That us part of what makes it such a great belief system.  There are some standard ideas and guides though that have traveled all over the world and over centuries.  Those are some of the answers I am seeking and will share with you so we can learn and grow together.