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Reaping time

This last week I have been giving thanks and praise as my reaping has begun. Earlier this year, I wrote posts containing my New Moon rituals and requests for abundance and enrichment.  Oh and for my hair growing, and waist slimming.  Well, I’d love just to give an update.  

I also posted my Full and Waning moon releases to let go of debt,  stress,  negativity and doubt.  

Blessings have been flowing into my life. I have started a new business,  I’ve lost 30 pounds, my hair has grown 3 inches and my relationships have seen a solid sweeping in the right direction.  

I’ve said this a few times, and I believe it whole heartedly, our magick comeds from workin and we are able to draw from the universe whatever we wish.  Speak it into life and feel it as though it already exists. Our powers are enriched when working within the seasons and cycles that coincide with the results you seek. 

You create your future

Happy Mabon! 

Last night I set a very simple alter at my kitchen table for my family to celebrate together.  As I was finishing we had an unforcasted thunderstorm.  It filled my soul and lifted my spirits. I took the opportunity to get grounded. (My neighbor shot me a confused look as I stood barefoot in the pouring rain in a tee shirt, but whatever). 

It felt amazing.  Today is the celebration of Mabon, the day of balance between the sun and the moon. A day to give thanks and reflect on our hard work,  to prepare to reap what we sow, and plan for the winter.  

Time to celebrate the harvest.  Have a feast, give thanks and be blessed. 

I’ve used this recipe for a few years now and love it! Below are a few other fun ideas and a rites. 

Like I have said in several of my posts,  it’s about what feels right.  Celebrate harvest.  The reeping and the emergence of the Chrone

Here are more ideas

Blessed be and be merry

Exhilaration Elixir

So like I mentioned earlier I have been fortunate enough to get to go to apothecary classes with Elderberry Spirits. For the last two weeks, we were focusing on herbal medicines. At the start of the meeting, she had me try a tincture and tell her how it made me feel.

I took three drops on the tongue of the deep red elixir and waited. It was a very quickly warm tingly and then a giddy happiness just kind of spread over me. Enough so that it made me laugh out loud. This so far has been one of my favorite things. So I just had to share this simple recipe with you.

1/2 tsp Cinnamon

1/2 tsp Dried Basil

1/2  tsp Dried Hibiscus (you can’t get this normally mixed in with the Mexican spices)

3 tsp Brandy (or Apple Cider Vinegar or Vodka)

Let sit for 1 week and then use 2 to 3 drops on tongue as desired for a quick pick me up


Most Magic isn’t Big

So over the course of the waxing moon, as you read in the previous blog post, I’ve been doing a money magic spell. I did it every night before bed, with the exception of the burying I only did that the very first time. I put all my positive energies into it, and I will say it was successful. Still maybe not in ways that would be easy to see right off the bat. Like for example, the day after my boss randomly gave me a Starbucks gift card. He didn’t even say why he gave it to me,  just give me it and walked away.  I didn’t think much of it, but that was twenty bucks that I didn’t have to spend on coffee this week. The next day I found a $5 bill in a pair of pants that I had washed a couple days earlier. A coworker bought me lunch so I didn’t have to buy lunch. Several random quarters and dimes I found around the house also. I bartend so I figured those were just lost over time, but a part of the spell does read “money find, money mine” so maybe it was helping me find money. This week, when I was stressing most about money, I found $80 that I had somehow misplaced in a bag of garbage from my car.  For some reason I had taken the bag into my bedroom instead of throwing it away immediately. I I used that to buy groceries and a few necessary items.  In addition, my ex covered our son’s football registration (well his mom did) something he hasn’t done with any of the sports that our son is done yet. My paycheck from the bar that I work at was $40 more than normal, and despite really dismal sales, myself and fellow bartender made above-average tips. All of these things were like ‘that’s cool, hey bonus situation’.  In the course of the last week and a half, I’ve come into $350 that I didn’t plan on having. It wasn’t some big giant windfall, or lottery winnings, but still a fair amount of money that I didn’t have to come up with. Some was just money that was lost that had returned to me.  
Magic isn’t like what you see on the craft where she changes her eye color, her hair color, they fly around… that’s not it.  A lot of things that you’re going to do, and that you’re going to practice, aren’t going to be big huge noticeable things. You might have to actually think about it. Something feels different,  there’s a change in your confidence level. You get an unexpected phone call. Someone buys you lunch and save you money.  Little things, and maybe that just has to do with how much available energy is around. Maybe it has to do with how much energy you can summon. Maybe if I was a better witch, I could summon large amounts of energy to me.  I don’t think so though. I don’t think that’s the nature of it. I think  it’s a partnership with the Goddess, and with the universe around us. You have to put in your own effort to create the destiny you want to manifest. For example, if you do a ritual to get a promotion or get a raise but then you never ask your boss for a raise, or show interest in advancing in your career, it’s not going to happen. We have to take the first step.  Even if you have magic to help with the other steps. I was just reflecting on it on my drive home and thought I would share with you guys my final results.

Blessed be

Love spells

So the waving moon is a great time to attract love.  Truth be told,  my husband and I are fighting right now.  Matter of fact he said he wants to leave me.  I do not share the same sentiments.  I thought,  I will do a love spell, I will bind him to me.  Then almost immediately I thought against it. I’ll tell you why. Never have I performed a love spell, and for a variety of reasons.  (Okay one time, I asked for my true love to find me and for me to be ready, and I fell for my best friend and now husband). There are some love spells-such as finding a new love,  letting go of a past and blessing a marriage that I feel okay with-spells that violate some ones choices are not okay in my opinion.  There are reasons my husband wants to leave me,  things he feels.  Magic to sway his feelings is taking away his free will and creating something that is gone.  That is not my place through magic.  Only hard work and communication can heal my marriage.  Force and magic won’t do it.  Instead I will ask for enhanced communication,  empathy and understanding on my behalf and pay for harmony to restore what has been lost.  If you are looking for love spells on my page you will not found them.