Exploring and coming out

Identifying as a witch,  a believer in Magick and nature worship,  came early and easy for me.  I think I was eight or none the first time I tried (pretended) I was summoning a fire spirit.  The countless games where I was always the sorcerer.  I couldn’t tell you how much was just destined Magick and how much was just wishing to have powers to change my circumstances.  I do know it never went away. In my early teens I researched every religion I could find and felt a pull towards standard Christianity. Not so much the bible but I loved youth group and church.  The high energy,  the singing and dancing,  close group of people and my personal connections and talks wit the Creator. Yet something felt off. At 12 almost 13 I began to study Wiccan and there it was, my fit, my answer.  So many things right in line with what I felt and believed.  A way to use the bottled energy and potential I felt boiling within me for something.  That is all it has been since. Despite my love for my faith,  I was not open with others about it.  I Made me uncomfortable because it made me different and wierd. Not really what you want when you are already an awkward teen.

In my mid twenties I was a practicing witch and although I didn’t really flaunt it, I never hid it either. Now in my 30s I am open about my beliefs and religion and want to give others a safe place to learn and explore with me. I don’t know everything,  no witch does. All of our beliefs are different as it should be. There is no one set way to be a witch. It is about your connection with the Goddess and God or multiple God’s depending on how you believe.  That us part of what makes it such a great belief system.  There are some standard ideas and guides though that have traveled all over the world and over centuries.  Those are some of the answers I am seeking and will share with you so we can learn and grow together.