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Samhain Rituals

Hello hello! Happy Samhain, pronounced “sah-win” or “sow-in.”  Today is the day when the veil thins and we reflect on those who have come before us and invite them to join us for the evening in our celebrations. In early Celtic calendars, it marked the New Year and many have referred to it as the Witches New Year.  (Some believe though Yule as the new year as it is the rebirth, choose what works best for you). This is probably my favorite of all the Sabbats. It is the one in which the most people celebrate and  everyone around is just a bit more magic and a bit more believing in powers they cannot see.

There are so many ways to celebrate, but here are a few of my favorites.


I still dress up. I love it. It allows for me to feel “into it”. I’m sure everyone reading this blog already knows, but just in case, the ritual of dressing in costume stems from the original Celtic Day of the Dead. It was believed that on Hallows Eve when the veil was thin, the ghosts, demons, goblins and other such beings were able to roam freely through the world. Treats and offerings of food and drink were left out to pacify the souls. This morphed into people dressing up as these haunting beings and going door to door for food and drink, and now into all costumes and candy. It is also believed in some sects and legends that by dressing up you would confuse the ghouls and you would be safe from their antics. Costumes

Carving Pumpkins

I have seen some absolutely astounding pumpkin carvings, true works of art. I’d like to say I’m pretty pumpkin crafty but that would be a lie. I still love to carve them though with the family and put them out on the porch. The Jack O’ Lantern is an Irish tradition that immigrated to the United States. It is thought that if you keep this lit pumpkin on your porch or doorstep during Hallows Eve it would frighten away evil spirits including that of Stingy Jack. This particular practice I also pair with lighting a candle for my ancestors to find their way home. It is believed that on this night our ancestors are able to come and visit and share in our merriment. Leave a candle in a window or on the porch for them to find their way home easily. Orange and Purple are the colors traditionally used but really any will work so long as your intent is correct.

Feast for the Dead

On my porch every year I also leave a snack for my relatives and well as to appease wandering spirits. This normally includes apple slices with cinnamon, a glass of wine, cheese and a sweet cake of some kind. It is also a time to make and enjoy passed down family recipes and traditions in a way of remembering your ancestors.  Soul cakes and pie, grains and stew tend to be my favorites.

Tarot and a Bonfire

When the veil is thin and my ancestors have come I often will do a Tarot reading so that I can get guidance and clarity from the other realm. When weather permits I do it outside next to my bonfire so I can be closer to nature but this is not a necessity. These are three fun new ones  I found this week on Facebook and Pinterest that I think I may try. You never really know what spread will work best for you, or if a new spread will work for you so I thought I would get a few options just in case.

Image result for halloween tarot spread


Image result for halloween tarot spread

Image result for halloween tarot spread

I will call upon the Crone and the Horned God to aid in my readings as well as my ancestors. You may also just ask for visions from your fire. These should appear as flashes or even words in the flames.

I close my fire rituals with a goal for the New Year and a prayer for the winter. I ask that the lean times of winter be bountiful and full for our family and I set my intent for the year to come. This often includes writing a habit I wish to break on a piece of paper. I then cast it into my Samhain flames imagining it being released from me to haunt me no longer. I then visualize and imagine a newer healthier habit replacing it.



Blessed be and Safe Travels this evening to all

Coincidence is Bullshit

It’s been so long since I’ve written on this page I almost forgot that it even existed. October is probably my very favorite month of the year, as I actually think it probably is for most witches. Not quite sure what it is, just a more magical time. The thinning of the veil, the closeness between dimensions, I don’t know maybe it’s just the pretty leaves. Life for me has been real weird, and today was like an odd reflective time for me. Magic, I think, presents itself awkwardly. Or maybe we just choose not to see it all the time when it presents itself. We don’t give it the credit that it deserves. Little facts about me, I pray all the time. Probably more than most people that I’ve ever met, from any religion ever.  I pray, I give blessings, practice in some way almost every day. Very seldom do I ask for things, or call things to myself. Sometimes for others, but not so much for myself.

 The last few months I’ve performed a few rituals in which I asked for things for myself. To break free from some of the financial burdens that I’ve carried, the stress of the world and the weight. I asked to see changes in my physical appearance. To feel better, to regain my power, and my confidence. Low and behold, these things have come to fruition. Yet,  I ddidn’t think or credit magic for them. Like for example, I had done  an abundance spell in regards to money, and a month before that I had done a like a health and wellness spell. To try and lose weight to get rid of the extra weight that I’m carrying. Shortly after that, a friend at work introduced me to a side business a product called It Works.  I thought,  you know fuck it, whatever it’s a hundred bucks. I’ve spent that on Mexican food, and gave it a shot.  I’m down almost 40 pounds now, and I make an extra $600 a month with this little side gig. Not only did I change my physical appearance and improve my health, but I’m able to pay all of my bills. (Still tight, but pay my bills and not getting anymore shut off notices) My request was granted. At the time, and even until I don’t know last night, I didn’t think about it in terms of magic. In terms of the goddess granting my request. I accredited it to ItWorks, and I credited it to this product coming into my life. Not the weird coincidence of this product appearing in my life that I had never heard of prior to asking the divine. I asked for help finding my purpose, help finding my direction, and two weeks later I was introduced to a motivational speaker. A wonderful woman who inspired me to use my MBA and start my own consulting business. When I went to her first speech, that I won tickets to, I met and sat next to a woman who will be my first consulting job. A big job, lots of money and great credentials to my name. It wasn’t magic to me, it was a coincidence that I got lucky enough to meet this woman.

 I think many of us discredit our own power and our magic. We view it as coincidence. It’s not coincidence,  you are powerful. There is magic in you. You have the innate ability to speak your future into existence. If you use your energy, and see it for what it is.  Manifest your future, manifest your reality. Be open to seeing these things, be open to trying new things that the Universe presents you with. When you call out, when you request things from the spirit, be on the lookout for weird shit. It’s not going to come- just poof there it is. It may be a new person, a new opportunity, a strange coincidence or happening. That might be how it presents itself. Sit still once in a while and listen to it.

 Sorry, no real  tricks, practicing tools, rituals or anything helpful like that. I’ll try and post something for Samhain, and kind of an altar setup, rituals that I perform. Just something that was in my brain that I needed to get out the other witches.  It’s not like I can just go to work and explain to people that magic brought these great things in my life. 

Bright blessings to all of you my beautiful witches. Keep practicing, and may your magic be blessed.